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Daemonica is a nation in Nation Creation, created and operated by Forum Lord. Located in Western Australia, it has a population over two hundred million.

It is currently allies with Casponia, Quebec, the Holy Empire of Avalon and the The Vasari Empire, and also maintains good levels of diplomatc relations with each and every country in the world.

Daemonica is known first and foremost as a nation of honesty, openness and diplomacy, and is not considered (at least, not publically) a militaristically powerful nation. It prefers to use diplomacy to solve problems rather than open conflict, and has adopted a strict policy of mercy (in every war it has fought, Daemonica has ceased fighting the moment its enemy laid down their arms and instantly started working to both repair the damage from the war and improve the lives of its new subject) in combat.

However, this image is exactly what it is - an image. A carefully maintained image of peace, civility, friendliness and harmlessness. Beneath its innocuous surface, Daemonica's military is a sword - well hidden and well sheathed, but deadly nonetheless.

Its military is, man for man, the best in the world (however, Daemonica does not possess the resources to equip its soldiers with super high-end equipment that other nations such as Avalon, Casponia and the Vasari Empire have), and its special forces are without peer.

Daemonica's Special Forces are its pride and joy, and also its most dangerous weapon. They possess all the latest Daemonican technology (the vast majority of Daemonica's technology revolves around its special forces, from neutron shotguns to unconventional variants on sabotage equipment to even full-bore human augmentation), and even have their own name, from the Daemonican military itself - Jokers.

You may ask why members of the most dangerous division of one of the most dangerous militaries in the world are associated with humour and laughter, but the name is a tribute to the underration of Daemonica's combat potentional - "after all, some day the joke is going to be on them" is the most common explanations to new recruits.

However, Jokers are not the only members of the Daemonican Special Forces - they are just the most numerous. There are two more divisions at this time, and they are where all of Daemonica's knowledge of human augmentation, nanotchnology, genetic engineering and planning have coalesced to form two of the most deadly units known (or, rather, notknown) to man. Mistborn and SADISTS.

Both of these divisions are top secret, known only to the overall leader of Daemonica, the Lord Ruler himself, as well as the heads of the Canton of Defence and Inquisition and their respective generals.

Mistborn have extraordinary super-human abilities and make for perfect strike forces - one Mistborn has been known to defeat a Daemonican battalion in combat, which speaks volumes of their abilities. Mistborn have enhanced senses (including the sense of balance), strength, endurance, durability, the ability to affect the emotions of others on a direct or wide-spread scale, the ability to seemingly predict their opponents future moves as well as the potent ability to affect any magnetic object in their immediate surroundings - including things such as bullets and enemy soldiers, provided they have anything magnetic on them.

This is a main part of their strength, as it renders them nigh-on immune to most forms of conventional small-arms fire, including energy-based weaponry, as well as giving them the ability to, for example, throw a tank in the air, although this does take concentration and quite a lot of energy.

SADISTs are potentionally more dangerous than Mistborn, even though a single Mistborn can take down dozens of SADISTs (Mistborn are the warriors, SADISTs are the spies).

I've done enough for now, this is mostly blather until I get formatting and stuff.

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