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The Cult of Casus, formerly known as the Order of Casus and Church of Okra pre-merger. The Cult of Casus is a massive religious group based in the Clavicus Empire, they install the beliefs of Cold Intelligence and Unmerciful Fate as a needed part of life to teach the heathens and the weak how to live to a higher standard than their self pity and greed.The Cult heavily enforces Deist beliefs.

The power of Casus is unbound and eternal, but is limited by the laws and rules of the Universe created and enforced by Casus herself. Casus supports pushing people to their limits and diversity, but does not tolerate the ignorant who were given the chance to become intelligent or those who had a unmerciful fate due to their own lazyness.

The two children of Casus are Death and Life, the two stages of life locked within eternal combat for all of eternity. The two children are exact opposites, except for the obvious fact that they exist and are provable.

"When the end of the world is upon us, the two, life and death, will become one and forge a alliance more powerful than Casus herself to seize the life of her eternal vassal and her immortality ripping apart the chains that bind matter and atoms together, ending life as we know it for eternity and beyond." -Arch-Prophet Godric De Bogota

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