There have been many conflicts between Atlantis and Triple U. They went on for approximately 15 years before the Treaty of Arretium was written and signed.

Triple U Revolution
Date September 29, 2438

Octover 04, 2400

Location Atlantis Triple U Territory
Result Treaty of Arretium

Offensive: Iron Clad Resistance

Defensive: Atlantis

Commanders and Leaders

Offense Leaders:

Lee, Greg

Defense Leaders:

King George III, General Pattimore, General Wishson, General Lorens, General McMann


Offensive: Please fill this in!

Defensive: 2,000 Soldiers, 250 Jeeps and Tanks, 4 Space Cruisers 10,000 Canfire Cannons

Casualties and Losses
Military Casualties: 250

Civilian Casualties: 50

Military Casualties: 100

Civilian Casualties: 0

Triple U Atlantis TerritoryEdit


The Flag of Atlantis Triple U Territory.

After the leader of Triple U commited suicide, Atlantis swooped in and took over the nation.

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