This soundtrack was created for the "Clash of the Titans" War(Name pending) between Bismarck II and Rache Glock. The following soundtrack was mixed by Wayne.

Note: I am not affiliated with these videos in any way. I do not have any rights on them. Be warned, there is some language in certain songs.

I need a victory song from Bis, and any other suggestions he has for the soundtrack.(I already heard from Glock.


Can’t Trust Anybody NowEdit

( Battle lines are drawn, factions chosen.

Round OneEdit

( Glock’s Theme

Pirate BeaverEdit

( Glock theme 2

(Title gets filtered by the Wiki)Edit

( Bis’s Theme


( Pre-war festivities.

Falling toward the skyEdit

( Air Campaign/Orbital Campaign- Paratroops/orbital drop

Captian Jack’s ThemeEdit

( Space Fleets engage

Exterminate, Annihilate, DestroyEdit

( Dalek's Descend

Imperial March (Metal)Edit

( Avalon Marches on

28 days laterEdit

( Aftermath

RAF Pilots songEdit

( Glock’s Victory song

To GloryEdit

( Bis’s Victory song

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