Church of Dust

Home Planet


Capital City

Kani, Mars

Largest City

Kani, Mars

Official Language(s)

Spanish, English

Government Type


Current Leader

Archpriest Tim Cruz


250 million

Economy Type

Centrally Planned


New Rand


3.75 Trillion Jovian Credits

Per capita

15,000 Jovian Credits per Capita



The Church of Dust, officially the Areanian Theocracy of Mars is a major NPC in NC Spacebattles V3 that controls Mars, Phobos, Deimos and portions of the asteroid belt. It is dominated by Areanism, with all other forms of religion banned along with sapient AI and cybernetics. With a population of 250 million, it is the 7th largest nation by population and the largest Non-terran nation. It maintains neutrality in the JIF-TOA conflict and trades with both parties.

History Edit

The Church of Dust grew out of the Areanism religion, itself a mutation of Scientology. Areanism was founded in 2062 by Tim Cruz, a famous 21st century actor who emigated to Mars in 2061. The religion grew and grew, until by 2173, 100 million martians practiced Areanism.

In 2177, the Areans launched a revolution to overthrow the secular and democratic government of mars and established the Church of Dust.

Areanism Edit

In many ways, Areanism is very similar to Scientology. The big difference is that Areanism actually seems to imbue practitioners with some power. High level Arean priests are potent psykers, with TIm Cruz (still alive in 2216) rumoured to be the most powerful psyker alive.

Every Martian Friday, Areans commune for ritual worship. Tim Cruz delivers a sermon to the entire population psionically, with the various levels of clergy acting as relays to magnify and distribute the sermon. Additionally, practioners consume actual human flesh and blood, described as the body and blood of Tim Cruz but almost certainly just grown in a vat somewhere. Tim Cruz hasn’t been seen in public for decades, which is not surprising considering he is over 200 years old by this point.

Areanism views AI and Cybernetics as perversions to be sought out and destroyed whenever possible. Biotech on the other hand is encouraged as the Church views biological tinkering as a natural extension of the evolution cycle.

When an Arean psyker uses their psychic abilities, green light emanates from their mouth and eyes.

Military Edit

Where possible the Church of Dust relies on biotechnology in place of mechanical and electronical technology. The main exceptions to this within the military are the orbital fleet the CoD maintains and the great “Psalmspitter” surface to orbit defensive artillery batteries.

Much of the Church of Dust’s military is composed of “Sinners”, former heretics and other criminals now mutated into great warbeasts. With a greatly reduced intelligence they generally have to be controlled by battle clerics.

The Church of Dust is greatly opposed to any usage of WMDs and maintains only a small deterrence arsenal.

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