Śarl le Mains


[ʃaʊər lə meɪn]

Spoken in

Native speakers

3 to 4 thousand

Language family


Writing system

Latin, with Charlemain Alphabet

Official language in

Regulated by

Académie de Śarl

The Charlemain Language is a combination of the Dutch and the Parisian French languages due to some major similarities in word construction, with a large part of phonology and verbs coming from French and most base words from Norman French, while retaining a distinct Dutch base.

The language was created and formed in the Grenadine Domain and it was intended as a government-level language and is made for Germanic Language speakers to have a language that is similar to their own.


This is a selection of words from the common Charlemain language script.


These are a seleciton of basic colours, in the Charlemain language.

  • Ród - Red
  • Oránjé - Orange
  • Gjélt - Yellow
  • Groén - Green
  • Térqvise - Turquoise

  • Azúr - Blue
  • Indígjé - Indigo
  • Purpór - Purple
  • Violét - Violet
  • Rós - Pink
  • Brén - Brown

  • Śabél - Black
  • Gris - Grey
  • Weiś - White

  • Góld - Gold
  • Zilvér - Silver


Numbers in the Charlemain language are similar in terms to the Dutch and German languages mostly via the sound of the numbers, not the spelling.

Numeral Cardinal Ordinal
1 En Enje
2 Śwéi Śwéije
3 Drán Dránje
4 Fér Férje
5 Fénfe Fénfeje
6 Sés Sésje
7 Śaéven Śaévenje
8 Aht Ahtje
9 Nén Nénje
10 Tjé Tjéje
11 Élét Élétje
12 Śwéint Śwéintje
13 Dránent Dránentje
14 Férent Férentje
15 Fénfent Fénfentje
16 Sésent Sésentje
17 Śaévenent Śaévenentje
18 Ahtent Ahtentje
19 Nénent Nénentje
20 Śwéitég Śwéitégje

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