The first organized database for Nation Creation.

Welcome to the prototype version of Stratus, which is essentially an attempt to create an organized database for not only Nation Creation, but all NC/CYOC-genre threads.

What can I use this for?Edit

Stratus is open to all legitimate usage, and because Stratus will become a wiki-wide feature that will be permanently linked to the wiki home page, it makes it extremely beneficial for you to create content that will be featured here.

You can create and post various maps for your country, or the world (Hint: There are no Galactic Maps yet), post an extended country article (STRONGLY suggested for NC), create a database of your past and present projects, and pretty much anything else you can think of!

What else will this be used for?Edit

Stratus is not only a database that will be a means for you to post content to a place that is linked to the home page, but it will also serve as a place for management to link various gameplay-related articles. What's the point of this? Well, in short, management (Mostly Farma) is not only working to modernize the look and feel of this wiki, but also the look and feel of the NC thread!

This means that we will be moving some of the content currently located on the thread to the wiki. Why? So the thread can be decluttered, making it simpler and less intimidating. The wiki will be where the more advanced content goes.

Any requirements?Edit

There is only one requirement, and I will make it easy for you by making sure any articles you intend for the Stratus Database meet it.

The layout, as you can see, resembles the main page. It not only makes all of the Stratus articles look nicer, but more consistent/as if they are closely intertwined with the wiki home page.

So, when you create an article that you want to be featured here, just write it as normal. Talk to me or an Admin about placing the proper borders around your stuff.

The Info Box template is called "StratusInfoBox". You can use this for Stratus-based stuff or not.

What if I already have articles I want featured here?Edit

If you have some articles related to the NC/CYOC-genre, you can talk to an Admin about having them edited to meet the one requirement, and then tagged to this.

Remember, it's not only a useless venture to have an article featured here: this Database will hopefully compile a large list of very useful articles, which will be linked to the main page. This increases the changes of any of your articles being seen on a regular basis.


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