In the game of CYOC a few major theories have been established to explain or predict some aspects of the game. They are listed here.

The Theory that Djinn Will Destroy Us All and Ruin the GameEdit

This theory was first brought up by Shing, and it basically tells that there is a possibility that someone (namely Djinn) could get so powerful and increase the gap between ultimate superpowers and noobs, enough so that they could literally wipe out every other country.

This theory comes from the fact that CYOC is so free in it's style and so heavily based on age that it would be technically possible for this to occur. Djinn was used for example because of his claims of ultimate immortality and best known for having the most overpowered shield ever. Group countries, such as the British Empire, Neros-Pwnage Empire or the People's Caspian Republic are equally likely to possess the ability to end the game, as well.

The Theory that You Will Never Win CYOCEdit

This theory goes back to the game's freedom and the large rank and power basis coming from age. Although not all power ranking is based on age, age is a major factor in contributing to a country's military power and technological advancements, make it very heavy when compared to the other factors. For this reason, unless someone above your ranking quits or is destroyed, it is very unlikely that you will go up in ranking, making it impossible to obtain the high ranking, especially with the inactiveness leniency for older players.

Even with this in mind, it is still possible to play and enjoy Create Your Own Country, just knowing that you will never have that special place on page one.

The Happy Citizen effectEdit

Created by Aicy*, this theory tells that there is never any discrepancy or imbalance from One's Citizens, essentially meaning all citizens are happy and never riot or experience famine, plague, man-made disaster,genocide, etc. The reason for this goes to the lack of managment required to be put on one's citizens, leaving them up to their own devices, usually, and that they 'naturally' work out fine.

  • The term "Happy Citizen effect" was coined by Aicy, although the theory and basis behind it was first thought up by E Chip.

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