This is a list of countries and territories in the real world, indicating who owns which country. See also the Land list by each player

Note: Teran Marine's territory is controlled by Waterice Man, and Teh Pwnage55's territory is controlled by 123xyz8

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(ass.), short for assumed is where the country or territory is not explicitly mentioned, but where it can be assumed to belong to someone

(cl.) is short for Claimed By

(disp.) is short for disputed, meaning uncertain ownership


Country Owner
Algeria Sirjoseph9
Angola Sithlord Man
Botswana Sithlord Man
Burkina Faso Teran Marine
Burundi dFexz/Nuts330 (disp.)
Cameroon Nuts330
Cape Verde Galaman
Ceuta, Melilla and Plazas de soberania Waterice Man (ass.)
Central African Republic dFexz
Chad dFexz
Comoros Lilninjabro6 (ass.)
Cote d'Ivoire Aicy
Congo (Democratic Republic) Sithlord Man
Congo (Republic)
Djibouti D Chip
Egypt Djinn Spell
Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea D Chip
Ethiopia Le Ninja Bro
Gambia Waterice Man (ass.)
Ghana Galaman
Kenya Lilninjabro6
Lesotho E Chip (ass.)
Liberia Founded1992
Libya Sirjoseph9
Madagascar Lilninjabro6
Mali Teran Marine
Mauritania Waterice Man
Morocco Waterice Man
Mozambique Lilninjabro6
Namibia Sithlord Man
Niger dFexz
Nigeria dFexz
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan de Cunha

Danokozomo (Gough Island)

Sirjoseph9 (St. Helena)

Sao Tome and Principe
Senegal Waterice Man
Sierra Leone E Chip
Somalia (inc. Somaliland) Lilninjabro6
South Africa E Chip
South Sudan dFexz
Sudan dFexz
Swaziland Lilninjabro6
Tanzania Lilninjabro6
Tunisia Sirjoseph9
Uganda dFexz
Western Sahara (Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic) Waterice Man
Zambia dFexz
Zimbabwe Lilninjabro6


Antarctica is controlled in entirety by E Chip


See Europe for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Russia and Turkey. See Africa for Egypt.

Country Owner
Afghanistan Porsche102
Bahrain Teh Pwnage55
Bangladesh Djinn Spell
Bhutan E Chip
British Indian Ocean Territory
Brunei 123xyz8 (ass.)
Cambodia Nuts330
China E Chip
Christmas Island
Cocos (Keeling) Islands

E Chip (Northern)

Porsche102 (Eastern)

Waterice Man (remainder)


Galaman (West Timor)

123xyz8 (Remainder)

Iran Sithlord Man
Iraq E Chip
Israel 123xyz8
Japan Teran Marine
Jordan Aicy
Kazakhstan Porsche102
Korea, North Shing
Korea, South Shing
Kuwait Teh Pwnage55
Kyrgyzstan Porsche102
Laos j68flyby
Lebanon 123xyz8
Malaysia 123xyz8
Maldives Sirjoseph9
Mongolia Sithlord Man
Myanmar (Burma) j68flyby
Nepal Nuts330
Oman Teh Pwnage55
Pakistan Porsche102
Philippines Sirjoseph9
Qatar Teh Pwnage55
Saudi Arabia Teh Pwnage55
Singapore j68Flyby
Spratley Islands Margerald
Sri Lanka Waterice Man
Syria Shing
Taiwan 123xyz8
Tajikistan Porsche102
Thailand Aicy/Galaman (disp.)
Timor l'este (East Timor) Galaman
Turkmenistan Porsche102
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Teh Pwnage55
Uzbekistan Porsche102
Vietnam j68flyby
Yemen Teh Pwnage55


Country Owner
Albania Howdia
Andorra Waterice Man
Armenia Porsche102
Austria Teran Marine
Azerbaijan (inc. Nagorno-Karabakh) Porsche102
Belarus Sithlord Man
Belgium Waterice Man
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Sithlord Man
Croatia Aicy/Galaman (disp.)
Cyprus (inc. Northern Cyprus, Akrotiri and Dhekelia) Sirjoseph9
Czech Republic Sirjoseph9
Denmark E Chip
Estonia Waterice Man
Faroe Islands E Chip (ass.)
Finland (inc. Aland) Sirjoseph9
France Waterice Man
Georgia (inc. Abkhazia and South Ossetia) Porsche102
Germany Teran Marine
Gibraltar Waterice Man (ass.)
Greece Djinn Spell
Hungary Aicy
Iceland 123xyz8
Ireland Djinn Spell
Italy Djinn Spell
Latvia Sithlord Man
Liechtenstein Waterice Man (ass.)
Lithuania Sithlord Man
Luxembourg Waterice Man
Malta Teran Marine
Moldova (inc. Transnistria) Sithlord Man
Monaco Waterice Man
Netherlands Waterice Man
Norway (inc. Svalbard) Sirjoseph9
Poland Djinn Spell (cl. Waterice Man)
Portugal Waterice Man
Romania Sithlord Man

Sithlord Man (Caucasus Region)

E Chip (Kamchatka peninsula0

Teran Marine (remainder)

San Marino Djinn Spell (ass.)
Serbia Sithlord Man
Slovakia D Chip

123xyz8 (Canary islands)

Waterice Man (remainder)

Sweden Djinn Spell
Switzerland Waterice Man
Turkey 123xyz8

Teh Pwnage55 (Chernobyl)

Sithlord Man (remainder)

UK (inc. Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Rockall)

Djinn Spell (Northern Ireland)

Waterice Man (remainder)

Vatican City Djinn Spell (ass.)

North AmericaEdit

Country Owner
Antigua and Barbuda
Bahamas Sirjoseph9
Belize dFexz
British Virgin Islands Princess Fay

Djinn Spell (Mainland)

Waterice Man (Akpatok Island)

Sirjoseph9 (Arctic Islands and Newfoundland)

Cayman Islands Sirjoseph9
Clipperton Islands
Costa Rica Porsche102
Cuba Teran Marine
Dominican Republic Sirjoseph9
El Salvador Lilninjabro6
Greenland Sirjoseph9
Guatemala Teran Marine
Haiti Sirjoseph9
Honduras Lilninjabro6
Jamaica E Chip

Djinn Spell (Yucatan Peninsula)

j68Flyby (The state Baja California)

Teran Marine (remainder)

Panama Waterice Man
Puerto Rico ArchaicChaos
Saint Barthelemy
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Martin
Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Sint Eustatius
Sint Maarten
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
United States of America (USA) See Below
United States Virgin Islands Princess Fay

States of the USAEdit

State Owner
Alabama Aicy

Sirjoseph9 (Aleutian islands)

Sithlord Man (remainder)

Arizona Teran Marine
Arkansas Nuts330
California j68Flyby
Colorado Attacker732
Connecticut Djinn Spell
Delaware Waterice Man
Florida Sirjoseph9 (Florida Keys)
Hawaii Teran Marine
Idaho Teran Marine
Illinois Waterice Man
Indiana Waterice Man
Iowa Waterice Man
Kansas Danokozomo
Kentucky Waterice Man
Louisiana Aicy

Sirjoseph9 (Ram Island)

Djinn Spell (remainder)

Maryland Waterice Man
Massachusetts Djinn Spell
Michigan Teran Marine
Minnesota Waterice Man
Mississippi Aicy
Missouri Waterice Man
Montana E Chip
Nebraska Volcano1qaz
Nevada Teran Marine
New Hampshire Djinn Spell
New Jersey Waterice Man
New Mexico Aicy
New York Waterice Man
North Carolina dFexz
North Dakota D Chip
Ohio Waterice Man
Oklahoma Aicy
Oregon Djinn Spell
Pennsylvania Waterice Man
Rhode Island Djinn Spell
South Carolina 123xyz8
South Dakota D Chip
Tennessee Aicy
Texas Aicy
Utah Teran Marine
Vermont Djinn Spell
Virginia Waterice Man
Washington Djinn Spell
Washington DC Waterice Man
West Virginia Waterice Man
Wisconsin Waterice Man
Wyoming Attacker732


For Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Timor l'este see Asia.

Country Owner
American Samoa

Galaman (Melville Island and Tasmania)

Aicy (remainder)

Cook Islands
Fiji Teran Marine
French Polynesia j68flyby
Guam E Chip
Kiribati Aicy
Marshall Islands E Chip
Micronesia E Chip
New Caledonia j68flyby
New Zealand Aicy
Norfolk Island
Northern Mariana Islands
Papua New Guinea Galaman
Pitcairn Islands
Samoa j68flyby
Solomon Islands j68flyby
Tonga Waterice Man
Tuvalu Waterice Man
Vanuatu Waterice Man
Wallis and Futuna

South AmericaEdit

Country Owner
Argentina Teran Marine
Bolivia Teran Marine
Brazil Teran Marine

123xyz8 (Easter Island)

Waterice Man (remainder)

Colombia Teran Marine
Ecuador Teran Marine
Falkland Islands Waterice Man
French Guiana Teran Marine
Guyana Teran Marine
Paraguay Teran Marine
Peru Teran Marine
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Waterice Man
Suriname Teran Marine
Uruguay Teran Marine
Venezuela Teran Marine