CYOC: Minecraft will be restarting shortly. 


Yogscast Complete Pack/Resonant Rise liteEdit

I've set up a yogscast complete pack server at You'll need to download the ATL launcher and install all optional mods apart from rei's minimap and opis.  Any trolling that takes longer than a few minutes to reverse won't be tolerated. Don't be a massive jackass basically. Everyone is welcome if they're willing to leave the past behind them. Mistakes were made on both sides. We're going to have little server wars every now and then to let people blow off steam. 

Server is up.     

To get rid of the annoying IRC chat go to the ATL launcher, then edit mods. Select EIRAIRC (it's near the bottom) and disable it.  

If you are experienced lag try these:  

1. Assign more ram to the ATL launcher.  

2. Turn down your render distance.  

3. Change graphics to fast.  

4. Change performance to max fps or power saver.  

5. Turn off clouds and smooth lighting.  

6. Decrease particles.  

I've boosted the server ram to 4gb. If you try to reconnect and it still's too laggy well get a better computer.


Starting OutEdit

Upon starting, the player will spawn on a small road, called Starting Square. As cities are developped, there will be signs directing the player to major cities, as well as deserts, or oceans, a player can spawn a map for themselves, they can go to one of these cities, or make their own. As they develop their cities, by making a military, and generally building, they need to also either make alliances with other players, such as trading agreements or defence agreements.

Developing their CityEdit

A player can reach 2nd World and Superpower status by building a military, the ICBM mod and Flan's Mod will likely be implemented to make more realistic militaries. Players must also make alliances, they can trade resources they mine or find, or agree to not have war with another player.

One feature is that cities can go to war! They must agree for a time the war will take place, and alert Ninja. Ninja will make a backup of the world, and the two players can use their military and fight.

If you'd like to be upgraded to 2nd World or Superpower status, simply contact Ninja, he will review your city and decide if you're powerful enough to be upgraded to that status.


  • Weasel2000 (Ninja)
  • 123xyz8 (123xyz{lim(x->0)[(x^2+8x)/x]}
  • e_chip (E Chip)
  • Fajner2 (D Chip)
  • JMoney689 (Super JMoney/LiveLong689)
  • Gnuispir8 (Gnuispir8) (One would think it would be pretty obvious, but you never know...)
  • Eggcrate11 (Sirjoseph9)

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