Sketchup Practice Colony Ship by Hazardmachine

Bloatships were extremely large colony ships constructed on Earth after Dr Hayashi invented the Hayashi Drive in 2060 and the first space elevators were constructed. Capable of travelling at 1.1 times the speed of light and carrying 10 million colonists, these were sent in all directions from Earth. The first great wave of bloatships arrived in 2011. Many separate entities built them ranging from multinational corporations, nationstates, religious organisations and the incredibly rich. In addition to their Hayashi drive they held superluminal units that allowed instant communication between the Earth and the colonies.

Known Bloatships and their owners:

  • The Natasha: Arrived at Ateu in 2115, owned by the MAGERY. First ship to establish a colony
  • The Underhold: Contact was lost in 2115, owned by the ENO.
  • The Central Aquarii: Landed at 91 Aquarri B in 2115, owned by the MEI.
  • The Blackett: Arrived at Erebus in 2115, owned by the Reivers.
  • The Nova: Arrived on Bithynia in 2115, owned by Sumarra.
  • The New Juneau: One of the 10 American bloatships, owned by New Alaska after arriving on the same planet in 2115. The other American bloatships are the New Chicago, the New Indianapolis, the New Frankfort, the New Richmond, the New Sacramento, the New Salt Lake City, the New Atlanta, The New Columbus and the New Madison.
  • The Melethril: Arrived at Lannaras in 2115, controlled by the Fyrrim Orders.
  • The Temyr: Arrived on Bloodmane V in 2116, controlled by the Temyrian Collective.
  • The New London: Arrived on Cetheon in 2116, controlled by the British Interstellar Territory
  • The Qakeniit: Arrived at Ha'qareiyya in 2116, controlled by The Aquarian
  • The Porturegius: Arrived on Novincip in 2118, controlled by the Umbradi Empire

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