Zeus cannon1

An early prototype to the Belozanese under-barrel Zeus Cannon.

The Military of Belozay has been improving over the years since its establishment. The current weapons, armors and vehicles used by the Belozanese Military are top notch, upgraded regularly to fit the needs of the soldiers. The weapons differ depending on the troops, ranging from Regular to Prestige.

M4 1

A Belozanese soldier using the primitive M4. Notice the magazine between his hands.

Earliest RecordsEdit

The earliest military records of Belozay show the use of primitive, 21st century weapons at the beginning of establishment. Progressively, the weapons have received regular upgrades to better perform, starting with more advanced ways of propelling the fired projectile, or even changing the projectile to a form of energy.


Regular Mobile: M4 Assault Rifle, Colt 1911

Superior Mobile: N/a

Elite (Then called the Spec Team): Beowulf .50 caliber rifle, Rap 4 TPX Pistol

Prime: N/a

Mobile ProgressEdit

90 cal 1

The prototype Prime .900.


Standard: Regular A4 Combustion Rifles Superior: A9 Combustion Rifles Elite: A101 Energized Kinetic Rifles Prime: ÆGG800 Explosive plasma Energized Kinetic Armor Piercing .900 DPU Rail Rifles

Prestige: N/a Misc: H89 Auto Shotguns, Rocket Spade Auto Rifles, Semi Auto Grenade Launching Punch Rifles


Railgun 1

A Belozanese Anti-Aircraft Rail repeater.

Standard: AC101 Energized Kinetic Rifles Superior: LM40 Explosive plasma Ultra guided Rail Automatics Elite: ÆGG909 Gravity Force DPU Ultra Selection Rifles Prime: Rain 33NT MIRROR Tri-Sight Heater w/ Below Barrel Ampael Device

Prestige: N/a Misc: H60 Automatic Plasma Shotguns, Large Shell Explosive Plasmic Launchers, Fully Auto Grenade Launching Pad Cannons, Lite-Classic Plasma Photon Handgun (default sidearm for all units), Thunder-guns, Specker12 target Heater w/ Perpetual Fuel Attachment


Standard: AC90 Explosive plasma Ultra guided Rail Automatics Superior: Gaf81 DPU Ultra Selection Rifle w/ Below barrel Hammer Tension Elite: Çar89 Fire Pressure Ultra Rifle w/ Below barrel Thunder-gun Prime: Master50 Hyper Caliber Anti-R Light-Rifle w/ Duel Zeus and Ampael Device

Prestige: Ash200 Dynamic Unlmtd. Super select Anti-Razor Rifle w/ Sub-nuclear launcher Misc: H180 Automatic Gravity Force Incendiary Slug and Ampael Mix Shotguns, Medium Shell Explosive, Mini-Hydrogen Distance Launchers, Gatling-style Grenade Launching Pad Cannons w/ SERVICE attachment, Lite-Classic Plasma Photon Handgun, Zeus Cannons, Specker12 target Super-fire and Plasma Heater w/ Perpetual Fuel Attachment, Specker Siberian115 Targeted ice projectile launcher, I90 Super Cover-Silenced Anti-R Accuration handgun (experimental sidearm), Typhoon Dart gun (navy), Saturn Dart gun (space)

Blank SpotsEdit

The Archives of Belozay indicate large periods without any weapon knowledge. CYOC 29-30 experianced an intense spam plague, resulting in their disappearance, however it is known that Belozay's weapons have undergone regular individual upgrading, but are still filed under the base models. The presently used weapons of the Belozanese Military are upgraded versions of those used over two centuries ago.


Chaulk 1

Belozanese troops in early Chaulk armor models.

All Belozanese troops are given a highly capable suit of armor by default, but with varying effects, based mostly on Rank.

Early ArmorEdit

Like the weapons, Belozay's earliest armor was of primitive 21st century design, including; Kevlar, nylon, sheer-thickening liquids, and others.

Chaulk and FelixEdit

When it was discovered PZ-20 could be useful, it was quickly turned into armor for soldiers and tanks. Althought some Regular troops still wore Kevlar varients until the late 2nd century of Belozay, most were equipped with the latest version of Chaulk and later Felix metals.

MIRROR Impliments.Edit

MIRROR as not designed for personal use, but it was soon discovered that it could have practical applications if worn by individual troops. It started out as an experimental armor-accompaniment for Prime soldiers, only, but later found it's way to the Elite squads, where it is still in use today.

Gamma ArmorEdit

Gamma plated armor represents the pinnacle of Belozanese armor and the PZ-20 material. Gamma plating is so light and durable that some form of it is used on almost all armor designs in the Belozanese military to date.


The following is the recorded list of Belozanese military Vehicles, in chronological order;

Air vehiclesEdit

Standard hovering Heavy-back Jets, Hyper Distant Fighters, Ultra Heavy Ordnance bombers, Prime MIRROR Ordnance bombers, Superior Gravity Jet Fighters, Superior 'Nighthawks' Fighter jets,

Mobile Hospital and Rescue, Med-force Propeller-Start Jets, Elite Dwarven Felix Ultra Ordnance Heavy Super Fighter Bombers, Prime Black-Felix Dwarven Ultra Ordnance Heavy Super Fighter Bombers, Superior Ordnance-Heavy Bombers, Elite Nuclear Experimental Catapults, Elite Ampael Mounted Super-Heavy Jets, and Prime Aerial-Marine-Extra Planetary Fighters.

Ground VehiclesEdit

Tank 1

A Shaerite tank.

Standard Shærite Tanks w/ Rail cannons and Plasma Automatics, Standard Infantry Accompanied Strykers, Superior Heavy Tanks w/ Ampael Cannons, Superior Heavy armed Strykers, Elite Charred-Felix Speed med Strykers, Prime Med Super-Strykers, Contaminant Control-Offensive Vehicles, Nuclear Mobile Artillery, Ground Super Mortar, Mobile Ground Ordnance Howitzer Mounted Hum-V's, Plasma Long distance Artillery Mounted Vehicles, Ground Artillery Automatics, Standard Med Mini-gun Accompanied Hum-V's, and Superior Hyper-Med Plasma Mini-gun and Expulsion cannon Accompanied Hum-V's

Naval VehiclesEdit

Standard Task Force Heavy battleships, Standard Anti-Pirate Brigade Ships, Standard Aircraft Super Carrier w/ Rail-mount, Superior Aircraft Super Carriers w/ Ampael mount, Elite Super-subs, Elite Maritime-stationed Missile Defense Platforms, Prime Nuclear specialized submersible super-ships, and Prime MIRROR Hyper Battleships

Space VehiclesEdit

Superior Hyper Space fighters, Elite Ordnance Space Fighter Bombers, AGG-90 Space Ships, Far-Strider ships, Prime Light-MIRROR Hyper-ships, and

'Dark Glyph' space fighter 'Decider' space fighter-bomber.

Other VehiclesEdit

Prime 'Grades' Ground-Air-Space Vehicles, Elite Super armored Heavy Charred-felix Hovercraft, Elite MIRROR Stealth ships, Elite Far Speed Hyper shuttles, and Prime MIRROR Hyper-jet Stealth ships


Flying ones - Aquila, Hurricane, Orbital Ground ones - Babel, Valhalla, Goblin, Slave, Bertha, Scorpion, and Crusher models. Underwater ones - Dropper, Sliver All of the above ones - Commando, Rider, Legit


The following is the known list of Belozay's shielding, in chronological order;

Magnetic Large object Repellent Magnetic held armored plating Dwarven layer system and Plating Dwarven Felix Plating Magnetic held Plasma and Plasma Repellent Energy Guided Projection PhOG Ampael v 1.0 Ampael v 2.0 Ampael v 3.0 Ampael v 4.0 Shærite Razor Anti-Nova Shielding v 1.0 Anti-Nova Shielding v 2.0 Razor Scar Improvement SIRENS v 1.0

Peace finga

Early tests of the Armageddon Device.

Weapons of Mass DestructionEdit

As mentioned on the Belozay page, all WMDs have been disarmed and removed from Belozay. The following is a list of Belozay's previous WMDs for historical purposes;

Armageddon (RUS)

Armageddon (OVB)

Super-Nova Missiles

Black hole inducing targeters

Anti-Nova Missiles

Mercury Missiles

Quake Device

GK115 'Life Devourer' Experimental Bio-Weapon

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