Austra-Oceanian War
Date August 31,2013-Januray 5 2014
Location Oceania
Result Oceania becomes a territory of Australasia

Offensive: Oceania

Defensive: Australasia

Remnant Kingdom

Commanders and Leaders

Offense Leaders:

Unknown Generals

Defense Leaders:

King 86Green

Commander Johnson



Offensive: Oceania:1 million troops. 1960s tech

Unknown force: A unknown amount of troops with high tech non lethal weapons.

Defensive: Australasia:50000 troops, 10000 on Oceania. modern tech

Remnant Kingdom: 1 Remment

Casualties and Losses
Military Casualties: 20000

Civilian Casualties: 3500

Military Casualties: 1860 Australasian troops

Civilian Casualties: 0

Austra-Oceanian WarEdit


The SASR team that lead to the end of the war

The Austra-Oceanian War was the first conflict Australasia had been in. The war started when Oceanians attack the Australasian base located on Oceania.

Battle for Base CharlieEdit

The Battle for Base Charlie was fought between Australasian and Oceanian forces at the Australasian base referred to during the battle as Charlie. The Oceanians were trying to swarm the Australasians with the superior numbers, but the Australasian superior tech managed to hold the off long enough that the Remment kingdom got involved and sent a Remment which killed a lot of Oceanian troops. The Oceanians then retreated, with the Australasians in hot pursuit. But then a unknown force arrived with superior (but non lethal) tech, sent by Sparkadia. But Eno then told forum lord to stop and the troops disappeared. At the same time a SASR team managed to capture the Oceanian King forcing them to surrender.

As part of the peace treaty Oceania became part of Australasia but they got to keep their king

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