For various reasons, a civilian or military worker may recieve a medal from someone of high authority. There are many different reasons that you may earn a medal, and they are all listed on this page, along with examples of the medals.

Military AwardsEdit

These are the awards that soldiers, marines, pilots or astronauts can recieve for actions in their branch of the military.


A cross can be awarded to a military worker when they complete an act of meritorious conduct. Generals will meet every month to discuss who they wish to award medals to, and will talk to the King or Queen for permission to award this medal. The King or Queen themselves can give this award to you, which would be considered an extreme honour as they themselves chose you.
Crosses 2

Bar to the CrossEdit

If you complete another act of meritorious conduct, similar to the previous one, then you won't be awarded with a new medal, but instead you will be given a small bar that can be placed on your medal. You can earn at max 5 bars to the medal. The bar is black, and can be seen easily.

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