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Atlantis is a nation on CYOC: Minecraft 2.1. It has been built on small lake directly connected to the ocean. It is run by the honourable King Ninja I. It is built alongside a forest and a desert, with a snow biome a short distance away.


The Royal PalaceEdit

Inside the Royal Palace is the King's throne room, as well as his chambers. On the roof, it holds several Sentry Turrets, that have been readied to defend the nation if needed. It also hosts the Kitchens.


These provide all the food used by Atlantis, including wheat, carrots and potatoes.

The VillageEdit

The Village is where the townspeople live, up to eight houses are the homes of four villagers that live in Atlantis. They lie across the street from the farms and the Royal Palace.


The Workshop holds all of the machinery used by Atlantis, as well as having a storage area on the roof.

Enchanting RoomEdit

In the Enchanting Room is a maxed out Enchanting Table used by Atlantis.

Private Piggy Memorial CentreEdit

The Private Piggy Memorial Centre is one remarkable landmark in Atlantis. It consists of two structures, the first being a piece of pork chop, the second being the Private Piggy Memorial Stadium, which hosts the Atlantis International Spleef Tournament, as well as other games.

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