Astral Remnants is a game created and launched by Vrangr Wayne on the RuneScape forums on the 6th of May, 2012.

History ==

Two Steps From Hell - Asimov02:11

Two Steps From Hell - Asimov

AR Theme.

Astral Remnants was borne out of a wish of Wayne's to return to a more easy going atmosphere, and an enjoyable system.

His fustration with the long build up to the space era within Nation Creation also led to the descision to make this game entirely based in the Space Opera level of play. The game's Beta test was run from the 2nd to the 6th of May- confirming his new systems.

As Wane expected: That without a massive amount of constant effort from himself within the dying market for Nation Building games on the RS Forum- AR would die. As such, it has largely degenerated. After the summer, Wayne plans to relaunch AR in a new forum- to see if he can generate a sustained game.

Unique FeaturesEdit

Astral Remnants is, at its core, based in the concept put forth in Isaac Asimov's title book in the Foundation Series. That a great Galactic Empire, wary that it would soon be destroyed, stored up all of its information and technology, so as to reduce the length of the great dark age that would follow the fall of their Empire.

This game blends a set of RolePlaying elements with the traditional aspects of the games in the Nation Builder Genre. This allows for a more interactive and engaging gameplay than that which had existed at the time AR was released.


The Core of the Circle of Nanotechnology.

The sustained 'Circle' events system enables a more constant gameplay, and a viable incentive for players to stay active and competative. The game also sports a Random Number Generator NPC war system for those minor NPC's that stand in the way of expansion. The game is largely design to be an enjoyable experience, with war being a simple fact of the game- to be embraced and used. Those who are destroyed will be allowed to keep much of their technology, and take on a new planet to start from.

This game is considered by Wayne to be the major future of the Genre- as many players are steering away from the stressful and hostile environment that has begun to develop in Nation Creation.

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