The ancient planet upon which Marcus Islingr first built his glorious empire, which fell to the Wrathful Gods long ago. Centuries after that empire fell, a new one was created in its place by that same Marcus Islingr, whose own creator moved the planet to a new location.

The Ascendant Homeworld is currently home to three races, but there is evidence that there were once many more. The three races are:

Ascendants- With four arms, four virtually indestructible wings, and an intelligence of more than 10,000, the Ascendants are perhaps the most powerful race that has ever been at Marcus Islingr's disposal. They provide the bulk of his population, though there are only a million of them at the moment. They are his soldiers, and every single Ascendant knows how to fight, and most do, save the ones who work on his projects.

Nyx'Laus- The Brothers of the Night. They are perhaps the most elusive beings to ever exist, for only they and Marcus Remnant know what lies beneath their hoods. However, some things are known of them:

  • They know an ancient crafting technique, which allows them to combine darkness and stellar energy and solidify them. This is responsible for some of the Ascendant Kingdom's latest and greatest innovations.
  • Their cloaks are made of solidified darkness and stellar energy. It is said, however, that they do not have the bodies of men, and that the cloak is a disguise and a kind of shield.
  • They are the inventors of the Energy Boxes, the Stellar Sailers, and the Nyx'Laus fighters.

Rangers- These beings are hidden by camouflage cloaks, so none know of their appearance. They are master archers, and are known to use a plethora of gadgets such as their Extra-Vision Goggles.

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