Anmon is a developing country made by The Omni1 in CYOC.

Economy Edit


Pure zenathium

The economy of the Imperium is not advanced or complex. It is a largely government-controlled market that mostly revovles around simple exchanging of resources. The pricing acceptable for various resources is government controlled, usually within a 10% range of a set price that fluctuates with supply and demand. As of Year 20, the most valued item on the Imperial Pricing list is Zenathium (a material used in strong building projects), at over 500, 000 Euros an ounce.

Military Edit

The AI military (Imperial War Force) is about 70,000 people, out of a population of several million. All troops are armed with machine guns. The WF cannot defend against attacks by most nations, but exists, just in case. The AI military is well-organized. The official grouping way of AI soldiers are listed below. (Note that historically divisions as high as a Dukixenoepicentiury, 1,000,000 Men, were used, but there aren't even that many soldiers nowadays.

Current Divisions of the Anmon Military
Xenocentury 80,000 Men
Quadraiepicentury 40,000 Men
Duepicentury 20,000 Men


10,000 Men
Dukicentury 2000 Men

A dukicentury marches past the capital city

Kicentury 1000 Men
Quincentury 500 Men
Century 100 Men
Localization 50 Men
Group 10 Men
Squad 5 Men

Culture Edit

Anmon culture is deeply religious, and of a polytheistic nature. It is fairly warlike and will, if possible, take over other countries just to spread the religion (although some heathens have pointed to natural aggresiveness and greed to assimilate technologies.)

So far, ten kings have ruled the current Imperium:

Anmon king list (Before CYOC)
Name Reign Started Dynasty Died
Emperor Kaor I 739 BC One 655 BC
Emperor Kaor II 655 BC One 560 BC
Emperor Zhin I 560 BC Two 482 BC
Emperor Zhin II 482 BC Two 399 BC
Emperor Sean Ferrell 399 BC Three 311 BC
Emperor Zion I 311 BC Four 220 BC
Emperor Zion II 113 BC Four 80 BC
Emperor Zion III

80 BC

Four 5 BC
Anmon King List (After CYOC founding
Name Reign Started Dynasty Died
Lord Omni I 5 BC Five 19 AC
Lord Omni II 19 AC Five Living

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