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Arnold Schwarzenneenngngajksjf (spelling?) in midget form

AmunRa is the founder of the game Nation Creation, and an ex-CYOCer. His real-life name is Chimmy Chonga. After being killed more time than thought possible on CYOC, AmunRa began talking to Teran Marine and they started this revolutionary game.

Currently, AmunRa is the only active member of the Board of Directors and looks over the thread. He is known by NCers and CYOCers alike to be the biggest AFKer in the whole genre.

AmunRa is commonly known as Scorched or Scorched Earth Policy (first used by Pen Par) due to his past names.

He was known for his extreme laziness.

Fun FactEdit

Scorched is the only person in the history of all NC, CYOC, or any other game in the genre to have his nation get destroyed by Super.


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