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The Almipes System is a Solar System in Nation Creation which houses the home planets of the nations of Elemon, CDL and Eergos .

The name stems from the "Almighty Foot" of NC Folklore.

Astral BodiesEdit

The Almipes system is made of of 8 planets, and is a binary Pulsar system.

The amazing aspect of the Pulsars is that their pulses are oriented perfectly with the Z axis of the orbits of the planets in their control. a few of these planets move in a Lemniscate orbital pattern.


603405 Dawn-breaks-on-an-alien-planet

Elasae, with its moon.

Elasae is a Nitrogen-Oxygen rich planet. Elasae rests slightly beyond the innermost point of the Goldlocks zone- being the closest possible to the Pulsars, while still sustaining life. Despite the obvious issues normally occuring in this situation, (most notably- solar wind) the planet survives through a powerful magnetosphere generated through a almost mag-propulsion generated between the core of the planet and the rest of the mantle. This planet is home to a sentient form of life, and houses the nation of Eergos, among other NPC's.


Elemon is a planet inhabited by five countries, to wit, Tropominio, Cinerinos, Okeasanu, Akantha and Omental. Omental is a fairly new country, having recently broken off of Cinerinos. It should be noted that there is only a single continent on the planet. It is fairly similar to Earth in terms of the presence of a single moon, being very diverse and having a large amount of water.


Calamity is an Earth-Sized planet with three moons. It contains several countries and four continents. Some of the land experiences deadly weather, such as a part of CDL. A small part of CDL experiences very chaotic weather conditions, where troops are trained to deal with unpredictable weather changes. Calamity is relatively mineral rich, but many of these minerals lie in hazardous areas.

Little is yet known of the other 5 planets, outside of the fact that they are some form of gas giants.

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