The Alaskan Gay Exodus of 2136 is the name given to the large scale migration of LGBTQIA people from New Alaska to the Reivers after a political agreement was signed between the two nations. As much as 10% of New Alaska's population left for Erebus.

Cause of the Exodus Edit

In 2127 the government of New Alaska begins a secret project codenamed Cupid's arrow. Cupid's arrow required all New Alaskans to receive annual flu vaccinations. These flu vaccinations were actually a top secret project that causes two people who live within 25km of one another to fall intensely in love with each other. Married dating/heterosexual couples would be given matching vaccinations to prevent breakups. They began this project to protect the "integrity" of the traditional family and to increase New Alaska's population. This project was made public knowledge in 2130 as a result of MEI hack. There was large scale international outrage with little effect. Within the deeply conservative New Alaskan Society most people dismissed it as a conspiracy theory.

Reiver intervention Edit

In 2134 after intense lobbying from NGOs and public pressure the Reiver government made an offer to the government of New Alaska. In return for New Alaska joining the Reiver led fertility project, anyone from New Alaska particularly those of an LGBTQIA inclination were free to immigrate to Erebus.

Response to the Exodus Edit

In 2136 after intense negotiation New Alaska agreed to the proposition. The Reivers were delighted and began sending shuttles to handle the immigrants.

Impact of the Exodus Edit

12% of New Alaska's 2136 population eventually left the planet and joined the Reivers. Even today large portions of LGBTQIA people immigrate to the Reivers from New Alaska. As such New Alaskan culture is an integral part of Reiver society.

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