Bio TechnologyEdit


Fairly well known idea. Take genetic material and copy it through various means, then grow it. Human cloning is effectively the extent of this technology's current use, as it is applied in Empryean and Templar.

Genetic manipulationEdit

Again, very well known technology/idea. Taking existing DNA and altering it for a desired result- often by taking existing DNA from certain human traits, or from animals/other species. From scratch engineering is not included in this technology.

Mirdain/Anoer genetic deviation researchEdit

A study of the Elven genome, to discover what genetic differences have developed since our split. With this information we can extrapolate our earlier DNA structure. (Also mostly to try and find the genetic trait for magic.)



In this, the original 'crystal' project, the primary focus was studying the intricate and often far stronger, crystal designs occuring naturally in nature. Using this and other methods, we devised a way in which to grow certain lattices or designs of material from a wide range of source elements into crystal structures. We have been applying this technology much like nanotubes and nanomaterials.

Sonic influenced crystalsEdit

Through further research into the area of crystal structures and influences upon them, we devised a form of crystal which oscillates(vibrates) when submitted to certain types of stimuli- most notably, sound. This concept was later weaponized, as crystal shards were fired from weapons with either a small sonic emitter attached, or with a pulse of sonics after contact. This would cause the fragments or shards to oscillate. This, coupled with designing the crystals to be serrated and as strong as steel in specific attrributes, makes the projectiles dig into their target, cutting through them even after their motino from the initial propulsion is expended. This makes them a very devestating and painful anti-infantry weapon. (For more lightly or non-protected units. Heavily armored units may not be as adversely effected by these types of projectiles.)

Magnetic crystalline structuresEdit

From this point, it was fairly simple to use the right materials and design the right lattices in order to make objects either magnetic, or capable of resisting/dampening magnetic fields. Thanks to this and other advances, we were able to expand our production of construciton materials using crystaline concepts, and phase in EM resisistance into our general infrastructure. Also, this enabled us to work upon magnetic firearms which could use almost the same type of projectiles (oscillating crystal) as we had previously developed.


Quantum Spin LiquidEdit





Infrastucture EM resistanceEdit



Space Elevators/Solar panelsEdit





Topographical Quantum ComputingEdit

Quantum CrystalsEdit




Medical nanitesEdit


Orbital rail/ring systemEdit

Space elevatorsEdit

Dyson R&DEdit

Plasma accelerationEdit

Anti/Arti Gravity (close system)Edit

Gravitons (open system)Edit

Tachyon Sensor arrayEdit


FTL G2Edit

(1.1c drive and more jumps VVD)

Wormhole gate to earthEdit

(no other applications of the tech allowed at this time)



Sonic neuron disruption (Mind Eraser on the thread)Edit


G2 Energy ShieldsEdit

G1 Micro ShieldEdit

G1 Plasma ShieldEdit

Vehicles updatesEdit

(details/specs if I have the time to figure them out. Mostly the addition of CRU's.)


  • GLD-1 AiG(antigrav) Drone Scout
  • GLD-2 AiG Combat Drone
  • GLD-3 Logisitics AiG Drone
  • GLD-4 UA Drone
  • GLD-5 Tunnel Drone
  • GLD-6 Infantry Point defense Drone
  • GLD-7 Infantry AiG Combat drone
  • GLD-8 Repair Drone
  • GLD-9 Infantry AiG Recon Drone

Traded forEdit


PID SystemEdit


G1 VVD FTL DriveEdit

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