2275 London Pantheon Games
Logo of the London 2275 Pantheon Games

Host City

London, Britannia

Nations Participating





July 7, 2275


July 26, 2275

Opened By

Queen Elizabeth III


Olympic Stadium, London

The London 2275 Pantheon Games, commonly referred to as London 2275 were an international multi-sport event held in London, England, Britannia between July 7 and July 26, 2275, alongside additional venues in Cardiff, Wales and Dover, England.

Britannia was awarded the 2275 Pantheon Games during the 2255 Alternate Pantheon Games in New Alaska, which were held due to a terrorist attack in the 2250 Pantheon Games.

The games were the first held in Britannia or on Earth, and saw twelve nations participating in thirteen sports.

Preparation Edit

Shortly after being awarded the games, Britannia assembled the London 2275 Organization Committee. The Committee immediately began renovations on existing London venues, as well as the construction of additional venues in London and nearby cities.

The committee wanted to demonstrate Britannia's environmentally friendly nature, notable on Earth. As such, the Athlete's Village was powered purely by its rooftop solar panels. Many venues were also powered by their rooftop solar panels. Athletes were transported by solar powered vehicle between venues.

Security was a major concern for organizers of the Pantheon Games, due to the attacks on the 2250 Pantheon Games. Law enforcement and the British Armed Forces on Great Britain received extensive counter terrorism training prior to the games, to ensure safety for all venues, participants and tourists.

Venues Edit

The 2275 Pantheon Games were held in seven venues across Great Britain

Venue Location Events Held
Olympic Stadium London, England Opening & Closing Ceremonies
Athlete's Village East London, England N/A
London Combat Center London, England Freestyle unarmed combat, snap shooting, archery, bayonet fencing
Pantheon Firing Range London, England Grenade toss, hostage rescue, bombardment, IED Disposal
2275 Marathon Course London, England Marathon
Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Center Cardiff, Wales 100m snow dash, 100m mountain scale
Dover Beach Dover, England 100m tide dash

Marketing Edit

Torch Relay Edit

The torch was lit in Athens, Greece. It was then brought via wormhole to Cetheon, arriving in New London. The torch traveled island to island on Cetheon, visiting all major cities on the planet. It then boarded a Player-class Cruiser and was transported to Lunus, where it visited numerous colonies before continuing on to Mason. After visiting further colonies on Mason, it was returned to Earth. The torch visited numerous cities on Great Britain before the torch was lit during the Opening Ceremonies by four notable British athletes.

The Games Edit

The games were opened on July 7, 2275 at Olympic Stadium, with a crowd of almost 100,000 filling the stadium. Events continued over the next two weeks, before closing on July 24, 2275.

Results Edit

Event Gold Medalist Silver Medalist Bronze Medalist
Freestyle unarmed combat
Snap shooting
Bayonet fencing
Grenade toss
Hostage rescue
IED Disposal
100m snow dash
100m mountain scale
100m tide dash

Controversies and Concerns Edit

Some concern was expressed prior to the event regarding the Britannia-Ishvalan Empire travel ban. Officials promised that the ban would be lifted on Great Britain for the duration of the games, allowing Ishvalan athletes and spectators to attend the games.

Further concerns were foreign military strikes against a civilian museum in New London, and the possibility of these strikes against venues in the London Pantheon Games. To protect against such an attack, the British Armed Forces positioned defence systems around London, as well as stationing a Player-class Cruiser in a geo-synchronous orbit over the region.

Legacy Edit

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