This is stuff for the Imperium's Imperial military line for 2173.


IM WarbirdEdit

Role: Fighter

Top Speed: Mach 20

Top Safe Speed: Mach 8

Engine: Scramjet

Power Source: Microfusion Core

Weaponry: High-Power Concentrated Plasma Cannon

Cost: 80M$

Crew: 1

IM Bird Of PreyEdit

Role: Gunship

Top Speed: Mach 16

Top Safe Speed: Mach 7

Engine: Scramjet

Power Source: Microfusion Core

Weaponry: Dual 1500 RPM Gatling Plasma Cannon

Cost: 100M$

Crew: 1

IM NovaEdit

Role: Heavy Bomber

Top Speed: Mach 12

Top Safe Speed: Mach 8

Engine: Scramjet

Power Source: Microfusion Core

Weaponry: Five 2Gt Fusion Bombs

Cost: 150M$

Crew: 1

IM DanubeEdit

Role: Bomber

Top Speed: Mach 14

Top Safe Speed: Mach 9

Engine: Scramjet

Power Source: Microfusion Core

Weaponry: Fifteen 400Mt Fusion Bombs

Cost: 100M$

Crew: 1



Pulsed Plasma GunEdit

Role: Rifle

Cycle Length: 1/4th Second

Cycles/Second: 2

Pulse Heat: 3000C*

Power: Microfusion Core

Weight: 20lbs

Cost: 2000$


Automaton Edit

Role: Combat Suit

Material: Omnium, a metal with an atomic density of 1050

Use: Protection

Wearer Boosts: Strength increased by factor of 10

Cost: 10K$



Role: Heavy Tank

Material: 5" Omnium plating

Weaponry: 20 Pulsed Plasma Guns

Speed: 50MPH

Cost: 20M$

Crew: 2


Role: Light Tank

Material: 3" Omnium plating

Weaponry: 5 Pulsed Plasma Guns

Speed: 100MPH

Cost: 5M$

Crew: 2


Will update later.


IM FighterEdit

Role: Fighter

Weaponry: Pulsed Plasma Gun


Armor: 2" Omnium plating

Crew: 1

Cost: 200M$

IM CruiserEdit

Role: Assault Ship

Weaponry: Five HPPGs. Like Pulsed Plasma guns, but twice as hot.

Armor: 1' Omnium plating

Cost: 1BM$

FTL: 2c

Crew: 20

IM WarshipEdit

Role: Heavy Assault Ship

Weaponry: Ten SPPGs. Three times as hot as regular PPGs.

Armor: 3' Omnium plating

Cost: 3B$

FTL: 5c

Crew: 100

IM BattleshipEdit

Role: Capital Ship

Weaponry: 100 SPPGs

Armor: 5' Omnium plating

Cost: 10B$

FTL: 6c

Crew: 500

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